Human Rights in Belarus: Key Trends in Public Policy. January — June'23

This review highlights the substantive changes in Belarusian public policy in the field of human rights and reactions to it of the international community in three areas:

  • general measures: systemic things — legislation, strategies, policies, that generally determine the conditions and background for the implementation of human rights in Belarus;

  • law enforcement: concrete violations of civil and political rights, as well as in the field of social, economic, and cultural rights;

  • key decisions and reactions of international institutions regarding the situation with human rights in Belarus.

Our analytics is for a better understanding of the trends and situation with human rights in Belarus and for the possibility of monitoring systemic and essential changes, as well as for expanding the human rights focus in related expert spheres (economic, political, social, etc.). It also can be used for justification of positions, opinions, policies, and strategies.