• Statement of the human rights community on the International Day of Solidarity with Belarus

    We call on international organizations and democratic states to take more effective measures to end impunity. //
  • The analysis of violations by the Republic of Belarus of international human rights obligations and constitutional guarantees in respect of its citizens due to the adoption of Decree No. 278 "On the Procedure for Issuing Documents and Performing Actions"

    It is essential to emphasize that the fulfillment of human rights obligations by host states concerning Belarusian citizens present on their territory and the failure of Belarus to fulfill its obligations are distinct matters. Even if host states can partially mitigate the consequences of the adopted Decree for Belarusians within their jurisdiction, it will not rectify the violations committed by Belarus. //
  • We demand the rehabilitation of convicted participants of peaceful assemblies

    Statement on the recognition as former political prisoners of people about whom there was no timely information, as well as the need for their rehabilitation. //
  • Belarusian human rights groups respond to Viasna extremist labeling

    The state justifies labeling organizations engaged in peaceful human rights work and defending public interests as extremists based on concocted national security and public order reasons when the actual motive is to suppress any dissent against the government’s actions. //
  • Human Rights in Belarus: Key Trends in Public Policy. January — June'23.

    This review highlights the substantive changes in Belarusian public policy in the field of human rights and reactions to it of the international community. //
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